In 1982 the founder Rocco Cilenti together with 2 partners created Panther, which in a decade became leader in the production of sports footwear in the National and International market, where it continues to stand out for the excellence of quality material and innovative technologies. At the end of the 90s a new line of injected safety shoes was launched. The excellent design, outstanding reliability and unbeatable comfort have always been the key feature of Our Products and a team of dynamic, highly qualified staff guarantees the highest standards of efficiency, in accordance with current European standards ISO 9001.

Between 2005 and 2010 the brand Panther was replaced by Aboutblu which later also became the company name. The experience gained in these 30 years and with more than 100 million pairs of shoes sold, proves that our company is solid, reliable, in step with time and today, more than 30 years after its foundation, we have decided to restore the original name “Panther” and resume the path so successfully begun by my father. We are proud to let people feel and touch the “Made in Italy” of our collections worldwide”

RANGER 25042 00LA

Tomaia: Pelle fiore - idrorepellente
Fodera: Pelle fiore
Soletta: Termoformata, FUSSTATIC estraibile, antibatterica, assorbente
Suola: PU/Bidensità
Puntale: Acciaio (200J)
Lamina: Acciaio
Misure: 36-48
Peso (taglia 42): 790g

Upper: Full grain leather water-repellent
Lining: Grain leather
Insole: Thermoformed, removable, antibacterial, absorbent FUSSTATIC
Sole: PU/Dual density
Toe cap: Steel (200J)
Midsole: Steel
Size: 36-48
Weight (size 42): 790g

Tige: Cuir fleur - hydrofuge
Doublure: Cuir fleur Première de
propreté: Thermoformée en FUSSTATIC amovible antibactérienne, absorbante
Semelle: PU/Bi-densité
Embout: Acier (200J)
Semelle antiperforation: Acier
Pointures: 36-48
Poids (taille 42): 790g

Obermaterial: Vollrindleder Wasserabweisend
Futter: Vollrindleder
Innensohle: Thermogeformt, FUSSTATIC, herausnehmbar, antibakteriell, saugfähig
Sohle: Zweischichtiges PU
Zehenkappe: Stahl (200J)
Zwischensohle: Stahl
Größen: 36-48
Gewicht (Größe 42): 790g


SAHARA 32305 02LA

Tomaia: Pelle pieno fiore ingrassata idrorepellente con cuciture in KEVLAR
Soletta: Termoformata FUSSTATIC, estraibile, antibatterica, assorbente
Puntale: POWER CAP Compo (200J)
Lamina: Composito TEXON Enigma Zero HT2
Misure: 38-48
Peso: (taglia 42) 800g

Upper: Full Grain waxed leather with KEVLAR stitching
Insole: Thermoformed, FUSSTATIC, removable, antibacterial, absorbent
cap: POWER CAP Compo (200J)
Midsole: Composite TEXON Enigma Zero HT2
Size: 38-48
Weight: (size 42) 800g

Tige: Cuir ciré hydrofuge avec coutures en KEVLAR
Doublure: PLASMAFEEL Première de
propreté: Thermoformée en FUSSTATIC amovible antibactérienne, absorbante
Embout: POWER CAP Compo (200J)
Semelle antiperforation: Composite TEXON Enigma Zero HT2
Pointures: 38-48
Poids: (taille 42) 800g

Obermaterial: Gewachstes rindleder Nähte mit KEVLAR
Innensohle: Thermogeformt, FUSSTATIC, herausnehmbar, antibakteriell, saugfähig
Laufsohle: PU/RUBBER
Zehenkappe: POWER CAP Compo (200J)
Zwischensohle: Composite TEXON Enigma Zero HT2
Größen: 38-48
Gewicht: (grosse 42) 800g

T-LIGHT 19261 05LA

Upper : Grain leather - water-repellent 
Insole : Thermoformed, removable, antibacterial, absorbent FUSSTATIC 
Sole : PU/Dual density 
Toe cap : POWER CAP Compo (200J) 
Midsole : Composite TEXON Enigma Zero HT2 
Size : 35-48, Weight (size 42): 510g

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